girl with a pearl bag

top – nightgown (tucked in) // jeans – Levi’s // bag – Rouge // cuff – local shop

  Just like the sun and moon, blue jeans and a white top never seem to leave us lonely, or in the clothing’s case, goes out of style. But there is no harm in updating it. With an acrylic cuff, a pearl covered bag… whatever works.

stars and and a shift dress

scarf – Hermès // apron dress – Urban Outfitters // sweatshirt – Free People (similar)

     The silk scarf is eternal – and this dress is too, wearing it I feel like I’ve been taken to the sixties. Courrèges, Paco Rabanne, Mary Quant, are all among my favorite designers of the time. The mini dress, like the one I’m wearing, was a revolution in itself. It allowed women to be free and to do as they please.

     My first blog post featured my silk scarf. And like sixties fashion, it never grows old. The ways you can wear it are never-ending, and today I chose to tie it around my waist. The astrological pattern on the silk is interesting to the eye, but not so busy that it doesn’t wear well with anything.

pancakes and plaid

sweater – thrifted // skirt – Brandy Melville // necklace – Urban Outfitters // earrings – Tiffany

     Good Morning! Today, I wanted my clothing with a side of pancakes and a lot of syrup. While I went for breakfast this morning, I wore my favorite plaid skirt and a new sweater I got at the Goodwill. It’s no surprise, but I still love wearing clothes of the same color scheme. This isn’t totally monochromatic, but still nevertheless the top and bottoms are both caramel-y. Pancakes and plaid…


pearly white


top – Anywhere // bottoms – Brandy Melville // bag – Rouge // pearls (not shown) – Tiffany

     Ever since I started wearing monochromatic clothing, I’ve been in love. I always gravitate to outfits put together by the same color palette. I think it makes simple silhouettes look so lovely, interesting, and compelling. Take white, the absence of color, and make it a color worth a second look. White and dreamy like clouds in the sky.

sunday morning cartoons

top – Urban Outfitters (similar) // bottoms – Levi’s

Nothing’s more classic than a t-shirt and jeans – so iconically casual. This pair I’ve had a while, and being Levi’s, they’ve stood the test of time. And the best part of these, they look better the more you wear them. Mine are beautifully worn in and go with anything in my wardrobe. But again, nothing’s more classic than a t-shirt and jeans… so they look the best with a graphic tee (preferably Sesame Street).

tea party in a little black dress

tights – gucci // skirt – urban outfitters // top – free people (similar)

When I think of timelessness in fashion, the first thing that comes to my mind is the little black dress. Something so simple yet enchantingly iconic deserves recognition to the highest degree. It’s magical, the way the little black dress can so easily adapt to any condition. In all situations, a black dress has the power to light up the room like magic.

But what’s as special as the little black dress? A tea party… where you feel like Alice in Wonderland sitting next to the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. I couldn’t quite find my way to Wonderland, but the Drake Hotel seemed to be the next best thing.

My black ensemble wasn’t exactly a dress, but rather a black skirt with a black top. They both are smocked, making the dark color seem less boring. But, my favorite item of clothing I wore was my tights. From Gucci, they perfectly downplay the logo-mania trend. Understated yet classically Gucci. I was never a fan of bold or flashy logos, but this eased my way into it.