tea party in a little black dress

tights – gucci // skirt – urban outfitters // top – free people (similar)

When I think of timelessness in fashion, the first thing that comes to my mind is the little black dress. Something so simple yet enchantingly iconic deserves recognition to the highest degree. It’s magical, the way the little black dress can so easily adapt to any condition. In all situations, a black dress has the power to light up the room like magic.

But what’s as special as the little black dress? A tea party… where you feel like Alice in Wonderland sitting next to the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. I couldn’t quite find my way to Wonderland, but the Drake Hotel seemed to be the next best thing.

My black ensemble wasn’t exactly a dress, but rather a black skirt with a black top. They both are smocked, making the dark color seem less boring. But, my favorite item of clothing I wore was my tights. From Gucci, they perfectly downplay the logo-mania trend. Understated yet classically Gucci. I was never a fan of bold or flashy logos, but this eased my way into it.

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