astrologie nouvelle

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Like stars in the sky, I’ve seen Hermès scarves from a distance, but never thought I could own one myself. I find them especially timeless and beautiful, each to their own holding a different story amongst the colors imprinted onto the silk as if they’ve each been painted on individually.

I’ve more recently found a connection with astrology and constellations, so when I was in the Hermès store astrologie nouvelle stood out to me. The pattern looks like its dancing, the two contrasting colors make the astrological symbols visible to everyone.

Classically, it’s worn around the neck, but in my hair or around my waist looks just as pretty. Since Hermes scarves are timeless, decade to decade they are worn differently abiding by different trends. Permanence is far and few between in art and fashion, things seem to come and go like seasons; but the silk scarf is eternal.

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