the favorites

The Favorites 

Chanel Les Beiges // Cle De Peau Concealer // Weleda Gentle Cleanser

  Beauty is personal. Skincare and Makeup has always been exciting for me – but I’m simple. I like my face to be clean and natural and I never go to bed without my face washed. Cleaning you skin and taking care of your face when you’re wearing makeup are things everyone should do, but don’t forget to listen to your face. I’m always in need of moisture, so I make sure to apply extra creams and oils. Above are products that work with my face and skin, They give me a fresh, dewy face with or without makeup.

girl with a pearl bag

top – nightgown (tucked in) // jeans – Levi’s // bag – Rouge // cuff – local shop

  Just like the sun and moon, blue jeans and a white top never seem to leave us lonely, or in the clothing’s case, goes out of style. But there is no harm in updating it. With an acrylic cuff, a pearl covered bag… whatever works.

pearly white


top – Anywhere // bottoms – Brandy Melville // bag – Rouge // pearls (not shown) – Tiffany

     Ever since I started wearing monochromatic clothing, I’ve been in love. I always gravitate to outfits put together by the same color palette. I think it makes simple silhouettes look so lovely, interesting, and compelling. Take white, the absence of color, and make it a color worth a second look. White and dreamy like clouds in the sky.